Sunday, October 11, 2020

Alarmy & Monsters: Physics Puzzle Game v1.5.0

Alarmy & Monsters: Physics Puzzle Game v1.5.0

Alarmy & Monsters: Physics

Help funny clock Alarmy wake a cute sleepy monster!
Dive into the fascinating monster puzzle adventure with a ton of logical brain teasers.
An exciting and simple mechanics will allow you to enjoy a lot of addictive levels!
You will get many interesting logical tasks, funny brain puzzles that need to be solved so that a cheerful Alarmy clock wakes up a cute sleepy monster.


- Fun characters;
- More than 100 logic puzzles of varying difficulty;
- Bright and colorful gameplay;
- Available in 14 languages;
- Realistic physics;
- Rewards and bonuses for completing fences;
- The Opportunity to share your successes in the game in social networks;
- Suitable for children and adults;
- Time Limit for passing each test.



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