Thursday, October 1, 2020

PixelFlow - Intro Maker and Text Animator v2.1.4

PixelFlow - Intro Maker and Text Animator v2.1.4


 Do you want to create professional looking intro videos or promo videos for your Video Channel, Gaming Streams or Social Media Marketing platforms just in minutes and that too without learning or being proficient in complex computer softwares?
Don’t worry, PixelFlow App is a right solution for text animation and making intro videos.
PixelFlow follows Flat Design text animation aka 2D Animation and Motion graphics principles to animate the text effects.
All Dynamic backgrounds are Abstract backgrounds which is perfect for the 2d Text animation.
This app can be used by the Video Content Creators on YouTube or Instagram / WhatsApp Story and other social media platforms.
You can create a Text Animated Birthday Videos, Greetings Videos for Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, Eid, Friendship Day, etc. The possibility is endless.
PixelFlow is generally used as a Text Animator or as an Intro Maker or as a Promo Video Maker - Create awesome computer class Intro Videos & Promo Videos in 5 minutes

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