Friday, October 16, 2020

Walkman Lyrics Extension v5.8.0

Walkman Lyrics Extension v5.8.0

Walkman Lyrics Extension

 This extension lets you see the lyrics of the playing song. You can see the lyrics from embedded tag or online database.
Walkman Lyrics Extension will be able to see the text reproduced in the player songs will be displayed.


- Sync with popular audio players;
- Inline tags;
- Extensive online database;
- Pop-up notification;
- Search for a song in auto mode;
- Transparent background;
- Ability to change font, color, size and style of the text;
- Settings control playback;
- Change the location of the buttons;
- Automatic scrolling of the song;
- Button "home" for quick opening screen of text;
- Voice input;
- Menu in different languages.



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