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3D Modeling App: Sketch, Draw, Paint Sculpt Create v1.14.7

3D Modeling App: Sketch, Draw, Paint Sculpt Create v1.14.7

3D Modeling App: Sketch, Draw, Paint Sculpt Create

The 3D Modeling App allows you to create 3D material with motions on your phone or tablet while on the go. It's not necessary to utilize a Stylus Pen,  if you want to.

Note: you may see the screenshots from the latest version of 3D Modeling App, which isn't yet available in your country.

Available in Google Play


  • Fast workflow: 
        - Move, Rotate, Scale objects and camera by gestures switching between them on the go. 
        - Easily multi-select Vertices, Edges, Faces and Objects by long tap or frame draw. 
  • Vertex tools: Merge (Target merge, Collapse Edges, Collapse Faces), Connect, Create face by vertices. 
  • Edge tools: Draw cut by single swipe or by set point by point, Cut loop (create new edge-loops), Select loop (also by double tap), Extrude, Delete, Select ring, Create face by border edge (fill the hole). 
  • Face tools: Extrude, Draw face by set points, Detach, Clone, Select shell (also by double tap), Reverse, Delete. 
  • Object tools: Combine/separate, Clone, Mirror, Smooth, Divide, Soft/hard normals. 
  • Sculpting tools: Move, Screen, Push, Pull, Smooth. You can adjust brush size and strength. 
  • Display tools: - Grid with settable size and snapping value. - Display info: Triangles count, Distance between vertices, Edge length. - Wireframe on shaded on/off. - Shadows on/off. - Axis on/off.
  • Coloring: vertex color painting. 
  • 20 materials can be applied to your objects. 
  • Additional tools: - Orthographic camera. - Set Move, Rotate and Scale precise values. - Display selected (Isolate selection). - Grow selection and convert selection. - Move Vertices, Edges, Faces and Objects freely without grid snap. - Snap: Grid, Rotate angle, 2 axis plane, Local space, Physic penetration, Ortho cam snap. - Auto-save. 11. Export & import .obj files: - Can be imported in 3D modeling software: 3ds Max \ Maya \ Blender \ Zbrush \ Modo \ Adobe Photoshop \ Adobe Illustrator \ MeshMixer \ Concepts \ Netfabb \ Forger - Can be imported in CAD software: Autodesk AutoCAD \ SolidWorks \ Tinkercad \ NX \ Catia \ Solid Edge \ Autodesk Fusion 360 \ Rhino \ Onshape \ Trimble Sketchup \ Maxon Cinema 4D (C4D) \ Autodesk Alias - Can be converted to the following file formats using 3rd party converters: IGS \ IGES \ STP \ STEP \ JT \ SAT \ X_T \ X_B \ BREP \ WRL \ X3D \ 3DM STL \ DAE \ DXF \ GLTF \ FBX \ IFC \ 3DS to further import to Shapr3d (Shapr) or uMake 12. Video tutorial for every tool.


(Please use "Fullscreen Mode" for PC Users)


Download links of App


How to install 3D Modeling App: Sketch, Draw, Paint Sculpt Create v1.14.7 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded 3D Modeling App: Sketch, Draw, Paint Sculpt Create v1.14.7 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


  • OS version: Android 4.4+
  • Internet: not required
  • Requires free space: 54 Mb

How to Verify

1. Tap/Click Download Icon

2. Wait for 5secs and Tap/Click "Skip This Ad"

3. After that Tap/Click a Tab will Pop-up "Just Close it" and then Tap/Click "Skip This Ad" again in current tab

4. Repeat the process

5. It will redirect to the download link

6. Follow the steps on the screen.


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